Monday, 24 October 2011

Current News - October 2011

I can't believe my last post was June 2nd, but then it has been rather busy recently.

June and July were both nicely booked up with a combination of corporate location work (Nike, Western Power Distribution, Astra Zenica), Post Production (I Can Smell the Cordite - another documentary from Any Taylor Smith / Jasmine - from Sonia Castang) and recording studio work (Sing UK!)

Bert and Dickie

In hand bag mode on the Thames - Bert and Dickie
August was spent in London working on the BBC Drama "Bert and Dickie" as production sound mixer, working with Boom Op Phil Cape and Sound Assistant Sarah Howe. It really was a super job to work on, once again working with the Director David Blair (The Street, The Accused, Best Laid Plans), and with actors Matt Smith and Sam Hoare playing the leads. All recorded on the Fostex PD6 and (due to the regular use of 2 cameras) often needing a combination of 2 booms and multiple radio microphones. One of the additional challenges was that the story is about the Olympic Gold Medal pairing of Bert Bushnell and Dickie Burnell in the Double Sculls - meaning dialogue taking place on the river Thames in some beautifully built 1948 replica sculls....a challenge...

Phil Cape jamming timecode on a new BBC Cam

September and (the rapidly disappearing) October have once again been a combination of location work and audio post production: this time on location with a very wide range of clients (from a full Japanese crew for a Yakult promotion, to working with One Box Television on a round table discussion on the "Dream" Manchester United Eleven). Post production has been on another Andy Taylor Smith documentary "If Himmler Played Guitar" - which I'm sure is going to cause a great commotion where ever viewed, as it really questions "judgement" - both of the character within the documentary and the viewer. Also been working on a series of TV commercials (in Arabic no less) for STC phones, as well as the excellent Peekaboo (starring Shaun Dooley and Leslie Sharpe) by Debbie Howard, which addresses the unpoken issues of still birth and miscarriage.

The rest of the year, and the start of next is going to be taken up working as Production Sound Mixer on the second series of the BBC drama "The Accused"; once again working with director David Blair and written by Jimmy McGovern.