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Represented by Princeton

Happy to let you all know that I'm now being represted by Sarah Prince from the agency Princeton. For any work related bookings, she can be contacted on: 020 8883 1616

The Princeton Website is here:

Second BAFTA Craft Award Nomination

It was amazing this year to receive a second BAFTA craft nomination; this time for "Cilla", that was aired on ITV last August.  The Sherlock team won the award, but it was a great feeling to be nominated, as that was such a fantastic project to be involved with.  Here's a few photos of my team and kit from the job - with a massive tip of the hat to Gareth Duffy, who had moved onto his next job on the final day.  Sarah Howe my main boom op, with Ryan McMurray and Sally Heskith on playback duties. We shot in a great range of locations in and around Liverpool, and we shot some quite complex playback sequences, as all the singing was recorded live. We use fully working period microphones, such that we were capturing the technological "sound", as well as the amazing performances by Sheridan Smith and the rest of the cast.

The Falling

It's lovely to see the feature film the Falling get such a response in the cinema's this year. It was a great project to work on, with Carol Morely being a really great director to work with. It was a shoot filled with lots of laughter, with the cast and crew.  This is a shot from the final day with the lovely Carol and Sarah saying cheerio!


This year has been incredibly busy, as I started the year on the final Series of My Mad Fat Diary - which has been aired just as I write this. And since May, my team and I have been working up in Huddersfield on the period drama "Jericho", which tells the tale of the fictional navvy town Jericho as they build one of the viaducts that sprung up across the dales in the late 1800.

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