Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sound Devices Mix Pre- D (for DSLRs in mind perhaps?)

Sound Devices MixPre-D

I'm a big fan of Sound Devices kit, and they have just released what looks like a corker of a piece of kit (here). It's looks like a super 2 channel audio mixer, with the capability of 2 monos, stereo linked or MS stereo, it also has a USB interface to connect to a computer - but the stroke of genius is the fact that it can fit underneath a DSLR camera, and it has a dedicated mic level output connection. So all the advantages of proper connections, superb preamps (if they are similar to the others in the range) and a portable 2 ch USB device.

Not only that but it's got the usual connections to link to other sound devices products to chain and expand the inputs, but there is also the capability to output the signal in AES digital format.

Very tidy indeed.


 7th April

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