Thursday, 14 April 2011

Location Audio Kit Announced at NAB 2011 (a summary)

Firstly let me stress that I'm not at NAB, I'm at home (filling a skip if you must know, but I'm not bitter). So all the information I'm pulling together here, is a summary of the Tweets, RSS feeds, Press Announcements and Viscous Rumours that I've read / heard over the past week or so that relate to location audio equipment being announced during the NAB show; Apologies for those sections that are apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate.

So, in no particular order...and I know I've mentioned Sound Devices and Sennheiser before, but I've included them in here for completeness.

Fostex DC-R302 - Compact 3 input mixer, 2 channel SD recorder designed to fit underneath DSLR's.

Sound Devices Mix Pre D - Compact 2 channel mixer, USB Interface, AES Digital outs, fits under DSLR. Mention has to be made here of the new image recorder released by Sound Devices...

Sanken CS1e - A new revision of the sanken CS1 shotgun mic, improved low end, improved off axis rejection, and a bit lighter - (video clip courtesy of Trew Audio - nothing on the Sanken site yet).

Shure VP89 Modular Shotgun - Now this does look RF condenser from Shure, that looks like it is modular in construction and offering 3 capsule designs and various response patterns, offering increasing directionality.

Zaxcom Nomad -  (Not sure if this was released pre NAB) Zaxcom enter the over the shoulder field recorder  market with an incredibly well specified machine. Various build options from 4 tracks / 6 inputs upwards, offering more tracks via the digital inputs. This includes fully featured timecode, making it look a great machine to have on the trolley, and then pick up and run with. Interesting to see the "power" specifications were that it only quotes 1-3 hours of usage from 6AA - other powering options via the Switchcraft L712 input from a standard NP1 style battery power range (8 to 18 Vdc).  Mixer panel looks a little sparse, assuming all controls like LF cut / Panning etc are menu driven for each channel.

Aeta 4Minx -  A new mixer recorder from the French company Aeta. I reviewed their 3 channel mixer a fair few years ago (the Mixy) and I really got on with it quite well - and it did sound good.   The 4Minx looks a little similar, but now a 4 channel recoder (or is it 4 channels + 2 mix channels, description on the web site seems inconsistent?) with many many connections for interconnectivity. Certainly looks like a flexible beastie and there is the usual 5 pin lemo for timecode connection.

Sennheiser MKH8060 / MKH8070 - New development of the MKH60 / 70, now in the modular 8000 series

Countryman B2D - a very VERY small lavaliere mic from Countryman. Cardioid response pattern, with additional grill that can change it to hypercardioid.

Huge "Hats off" must go to Trew Audio who've covered the event on their site, and using lots of media formats to promote the show and themselves very well. There's bound to be more stuff that I've missed from the press cuttings so...I'll edit this page and add if I'm aware over the next couple of days.

G - 13-April-2011

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