Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cinnamon pancakes

No, really. No, euphemism's, or technical jargon. Just my recipe for the Saturday morning pancake ritual my family has been following for probably around a year now.

Like most freelances, and especially those in the media industry, it can be quite hard to have anything approaching a routine, which can be quite tricky when you have a family that lives in the real world. IE one with regular hours, paid holiday and understands the concept of weekends.

So, whenever we can, we make pancakes on Saturday for breakfast - Cinnamon Pancakes

This recipe gives you slightly thicker pancakes with a bit more body to them, than the conventional Shrove Tuesday pancakes espoused by Deilia. That said, this is something of a combination of her recipe and one from a (very) old Bero pastry book. This recipe gives us 6 -7 pancakes.

50g plain flour
50g wholemeal flour
1 egg
Teaspoon of cinnamon
300ml Semi / skimmed milk.

Small Mixing Bowl
10" crepe pan
Hand whisk
Palette Knife
Silicone Pastry Brush


1. Weigh flour out and sieve into bowl, add the cinnamon.
2. Add Egg, mix in slowly with fork
3. Add Milk, slowly, mix in with fork slowly then whisk gently until there is a nice aerated foam on the top.
4. Heat pan to very hot! Should just start to smoke....literally!!
5. Brush onto the pan a small amount of butter using the pastry brush (be quick!) - an even covering.
6. Pour in a ladle's worth of batter - enough to cover the base of the crepe pan.
7. Let one side cook for no more than 30 seconds - and use the palette knife to lift the pancake off of the crepe pan base, before giving it the ceremonial flip to do the other side.
8. Again, no more than 30 seconds for the second side.
9. Keep warm - we keep them in the oven until they are all ready....
10 Repeat steps 5 - 9 until you are out of batter, occasionally whisking the batter to keep it light.

To Serve:

We have a cornucopia of delights: Usually whilst I'm flipping the pancakes, my son is chopping up and washing fresh fruit: Bananas, Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries etc. Our favourite serving is a smudge of Nutella on the pancake, then covered in fruit, and a squeeze of orange juice. Mrs B, just prefers lashings of sugar. Or even Golden syrup....

Ah well, back to the studio...

27th April 2011


  1. that's all very well, but are these 44.1 or 48Khz Pancakes and are they available in HD?

  2. Ahem. These are 192 kHz, 24 Bit pancakes. Made through an Apogee converter, Neve Channel strip, Original C12 Microphone (pop filter to stop spitting) and probably just a touch of compression through a Red 5 on the way in - just a touch mind.

    7.1 and Ambisonics versions available later in the year.