Wednesday, 1 May 2013

2013 Television Craft Sound - Fiction | BAFTA Awards

BAFTA Craft 2013 - View from our table

To see the BAFTA Craft 2013 Sound:Fiction nominees and Winners click here

Well, what an honour it was to be nominated, and I had a great night even though the team from "Mo's Story" didn't win. It was really lovely to actually meet the audio post production team for Accused: Emma Pegram (dialogue editor), Graham Headiker (Sound Design) and Stuart Hilliker (Dubbing Mixer). And also to be sharing a table with the writer Shaun Dogan, director Ashley Pearce and producer Sita Williams - all from Accused.

Well done to the winning team from Richard II, and some great words from the dialogue editor about the quality of Tim Fraser's recording on set are at the end of the video.

Had to be done !
That's me in a DJ, and don't I just look at ease!

Great Chocolates!


1 May 2013